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Backed by a large fleet of plant and equipment, capable personnel and substantial construction experience, SYS looks forward to further challenges and greater contribution to the growth of the nation

Marine & Civil Engineering Contractor Since 1952

Our Company

The Company was founded in 1952 as “SEE YONG CONSTRUCTION” and renamed in 1967 to “SEE YONG & SON CONSTRUCTION”. In 1980, it was restructured to acquire its present name of “SEE YONG & SON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD” or “SYS” for short.
SYS is well known in drainage, irrigation, river and coastal projects throughout the Peninsular Malaysia, and is active in Sarawak since 1983.  It is also active in marine projects such as construction of jetty, wharf and breakwater.
An important chapter was added to SYS when it acquired its first cutter-suction dredger in 1985, to become the first local pioneer in dredging and reclamation works.  Since then, additional dredgers and marine plants have been acquired and experience accrued through hands-on experience.
In 1995, SYS venture into the construction of cooling water system intake / outfall pipelines for the power station and refinery industry.
SYS recognises the importance of quality, timely completion, safe and healthy workplace for everyone involved, the need to complete projects within budget and the need to remain competitive.  To maintain this objective, the Company has preserved the strategy of executing works direct instead of sub-letting them.

A Global Standard In Industrial Contracting.

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Through attention to detail, we aim to be precise in meeting our clients' requirements.

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Through commitment and diligence, we aim to deliver quality and timeline projects.

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Through our people, we aim to be synonymous with integrity and reliability

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